Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tom Paterson's Spooky Buster Covers

During the late 1980s, Tom Paterson did some amazing covers for Buster, often depicting chaotic, ridiculous or downright strange things befalling the poor lad. As it's October and I'm feeling slightly restricted in that sense (but not in a bad way!), here's some of the "ghost/monster"-themed covers that were done over the issues...

"Win a Christmas Treat From Sellotape" - scary stuff!

Oh look - the date on this one's the same as my 2nd birthday. This one might not be Paterson's, but it's good all the same.

Unfortunately I don't have the "whole thing" - never even seen it!

But I do have the mask that was inside this one!


My absolute favourite - probably one of the greatest comic covers of all time. Playing on the comic's title too, nice trick! Actually, this one's SO good, that I'm posting the story that goes with it too. It's a good'un:


  1. I've got that issue Ghost Busters..
    Sweeny Toddler was also great on Whizzer and Chips covers by Tom in the same period..

  2. Yeah, I've only got a couple of Whizzer & Chips from that period, but the covers are still great - the ones I have feature a whole bunch of characters getting up to something strange.

  3. The "SAVE ME!" cover is one of my all time favourties.

    1. When Tom Paterson and Frank Frazetta combine!

    2. Some people didn't like Paterson's style. The Beano said Calamity James was one of their most divisive characters - readers either loved or hated him. Similarly a lot of readers thought Paterson's version of Buster was too grotesque. They must have been a barrel of laughs.

    3. Too grotesque? Honestly, some people etc. What's not to like about something that's obviously had so much care taken about it? Beyond Mr. Reid, I can't think of any others who packed that much detail into their drawings.