Tuesday, 23 October 2012

More Monster Doodlings

Sorry for the brief absence there (if anyone noticed), I've been on an annual exploit. A holiday, if you will. Anyway, it involved TWO six hour bus journeys, neither of which were at a comfortable temperature, so I only had time to draw one thing before the hands fell off.

This is one of them:

Started out with a frog, and intended to do a monstrous bird or something swallowing it. This turned into a snake, which then turned into a whole bunch of snakes emerging from within a big... plant? Got a bit lazy towards the base of the thing, but the general idea is a plant which attracts its food with tasty berries, before sending out the appendages to gobble up any nearby hungry creatures. I don't like it that much, but you know, practise practise practise and all that.

The other one I'm a bit happier with:

It's a mummy, BUT, under the bandages is nothing but EYEBALLS! Fleshy dangling eyeballs at that, of all shapes and sizes. It started out as a regular mummy (always fun to draw), but after giving it three eyes in the head, it'd seem silly to not give it eyes all over the place.

One day soon I'll try drawing while I'm NOT in a moving vehicle.

1 comment:

  1. Hehe..nice drawings...especially the Eyeball Mummy! It should be called Eyezes...or something... ;)