Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Stickers for Satanists

From the same notebook of rescued stickers as the Icky Sticky Creepies... It's these things! I can't remember what they're called, so can't help there. All I know is that they originally came from Horror Bags sometime around the mid-1990s. In "real life" they all have neon backgrounds, but scanners don't seem to like neon things much. The pictures are still there though, and what pictures they are:

Cheap and nasty and horrible, just like the best horror films! I'd love to see what the album you were supposed to put these in looks like. Anyone got any clues?


  1. Wow, these look really cool. Somehow I can't imagine kids getting stickers like these in todays overly-PC world! What a shame. Reminds me of some pogs I have that are covered with pictures of skeletons, skulls and holographic grim reapers etc. Brilliant, trashy 90's stuff. Kids today don't know what they're missing!

    1. Ah, the "Poison" pogs! Yeah, those things were/are amazing. I'll "do" a "thing" on those at some point in the future, as long as the scanner's alright with holograms!

  2. I think I remember these stickers vaguely. I might have had some stuck to my bike / ancient school desk / folder(s).

    I also thought nobody else remembered those grim, nasty pogs!! They used to come from outdoor vending machines (it was still just about possible to do such a thing in the 90's in rural villages. Of course, the machines would be on the back of somebody's pickup faster than you could say jack frost today). They came in these rounded containers with a gum ball, the containers were made of "shattering" plastic like tictac boxes used to be. I used to put a bit of talc in them to make "grenades".

  3. There's some outdoor vending machines right outside my front door! They're chained to the floor obviously, with three massive padlocks, but they're still there. Filled with bouncy balls and Trolls, no pogs unfortunately.

    Not sure why anyone I know never thought of doing "grenades" like you describe there, could've made for some fun wars.