Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Spooky Riddles

Blimey, Hallowe'en already? That was quick! It's on a Wednesday this year, so there's not even a midnight screening at the local cinema, which is a bugger. Suppose I'll just be watching some "scary" films, maybe sacrifice a few cats or something. Anyway, just for a final dose of chuckles for October, here's Spooky Riddles by Marc Brown (creator of Arthur!). It's from 1983, and the jokes have aged well. Be warned - some of the pages have an answer THEN a question on the same page. And there's a VERY deep spine on this one, which explains the strange way that the double pages look.

Regardless, here we go, have fun!


  1. The creator of Arthur, indeed!

    You'll notice that the vampire's head covers the bottom left hand corner of the red cross at the blood bank. This is because the Red Cross is an internationally protected emblem and, had Dracula's head been just a little to the left, he would have been committing a war crime.

  2. I remember telling the crumby mummy joke on Halloween as a kid! Cute art here...