Thursday, 25 October 2012

More scary adverts, why not?

I've got LOADS of these things sitting on the hard drive, so let's be having them! 'Tis the season and all that.

So, one of the "57 Varieties" of Heinz was "Haunted House"? I've got no problem with that. Can't find it anymore so can only assume it was replaced with the smaller sized tins of Heinz Beanz with Curry.

Amazing colours here... is ANYTHING that colourful anymore?

This remains one of the most unsettling adverts I've ever seen. A beady-eyed fish man wants you to spread the word about how his planet is dying by wearing a T-shirt... and the way to help his planet is by drinking concentrated orange juice. Regard! The two who wear the T-shirt stare each other down - kindred spirits, or rivals for precious liquids? The other kids seem terrified, especially the Mohican-topped one.

Not really seasonal, unless you think of the Jelly Invaders as aliens or something. This remains the best yoghurt that ever existed. A big heap of jelly, and you'd tip the yoghurt into it and mix it up for a wobbly, gooey mess of a dessert. Suppose you could always pretend the jelly was a brain? Would that work?

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  1. I went off Jelly Invaders after I had one that hadn't set.