Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Clean your teeth and suck blood like Dracula

Crivvens and help ma boab, it's October! Ideally I'd like to do what all the other blogs out there are doing - that is, 31 days of "spooky"-themed postings. But I've already missed the first of October, and I'm going away for thirteen days this month, so it's not like it's going to happen. The majority of the posts here have been vaguely (or completely) horror-based anyway, so that'd make up for it a bit.

While we're here though, here's something:

Say, that "free Horror book" looks familiar! Well, that's what I thought before diving over to the book shelf, and then pulled this out:

Well, the cover's sort of similar. Plus, it's by one of my most favourite men in pop-cultural history, Denis Gifford. So it's worth a look.

What it is is an A-Z of film freaks, and it was published in 1977 (as in, before horror films became concerned chiefly with serial killers, zombies, shaky cameras or long-haired Japanese girls). For each of the forty-six entries, we get a film still and a description of the featured monster. It's not as beefy as most of Gifford's other books, so here's some of them:

Doesn't The Blood Beast Terror sound like the best film in the world ever? I'll have to track that one down, certainly! Nice to see Herman and Lily in there too. And the font for The Mad Monster is my new favourite font - I need it.


  1. Hehe...The Mad Monster is one of the films I was going to post for Cinema of Stuff this month..And whilst looking for that I saw The Blood Beast Terror in the videos at the side!

    Anyway, they're both available to watch on Youtube! ;)

    1. That's very good news indeed, thanks - looking forward to Cinema of Stuff, as ever!

  2. Why is the 'Sayer of the Law' listed as Dr Moreau in that book? Dr Moreau is a overweight English Pantomine Villain, or Burt Lancester In Island of Dr Moreau.. Personnaly I'd rather have Barbara Carrera(the Hyena/Snake woman whatever she was)

    Friend lends me me lots of Bad B Movies like Plan 9 from Outer Space, Teenage Werewolf etc, lent me the uncut Island of Lost Souls, (unusual that it has no music.. The only uncut I believe Dr Moreau telling the Lion Man to rape Maria)

    Other than Lilly?Herman Munster and the Fly I have no idea who those monsters are.> The Zombie I was thinking is from the 'Tombs of the Blind Trilogy...

  3. That zombie's from the 1966 Hammer film, "The Plague of the Zombies" - a holiday jaunt that gets interesting for two travelling men, as they unravel a Scooby-Doo-esque plot involving zombies and a tin mine.

    Worth watching on a gloomy Sunday afternoon, certainly!

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    2. It always advertised on the Horror Channel looked really good, but it's never shown Thursday (up my friend house that day).. The clips show some Masked Man I assume he's some voodoo Priest? Or something similar to the Oblong Box where he has to wear a Mask as his face is disfigured!

      Just realised clicking the pictures enlarged The Templerar Zombie's from the Blind Dead do look similiar to Plague's Zombie's.