Sunday, 30 October 2016

Mandatory October post

Here's something, just something... Anything! It's worth it, really. One of the most genuinely creepy comics I've ever read, for this miserable October evening. It's by Richard Corben, it originally appeared in Skull Comics #3 in 1971, and here it is as taken from Nasty Tales #6 in 1972... It's Horrible Harvey's House!

It's got everything you'd want from a good slice of horror - a couple of naive teenagers, thunder and lightning, a creaky old house, gratuitous nudity, even a jump-scare of sorts... Read on, and maybe keep a clean pair of underwear nearby, perhaps.

Aww, a nice happy ending...

Stick around, more stuff is incoming as soon as I can get motivated, just always seems a shame to let "special events" go by without posting anything appropriate-ish. Bah.


  1. That looks interesting, but I don't have time to read it right now. I'll be coming back to it later 'though - guaranteed. How's the Facebook or Twitter thingie going?

    1. It's going a lot better than I expected! Over eighty sign-ups since it was started... Six weeks ago? You're more than welcome to join obviously, Facebook gets us all in the end (I held out until 2010, it won't let me go now).

      You'll like the comic, it's a genuine creeper - Corben's "most famous" nowadays for his work in Heavy Metal apparently.

    2. Someone I know was using Facebook to pass off some photos I'd taken as their own, THB, so I joined up to lay claim to them on the site where they'd been posted. However, I don't use it for anything else, have no personal details or photos on it, and don't really want to be involved with it. Same goes for Twitter - I joined up to keep an eye on some naughty people who were saying untrue things about me, but don't use it otherwise. So, essentially, they're just a means for me to keep track of a few detractors. What I'm saying, therefore, is thanks for the invite, but I'll give it a miss if you don't mind. After my experience on a certain comics forum, I don't like 'joining' anything. Talking of Corben, did you see his 'The Raven' pages I posted a few weeks back? (I can't remember if you commented or not.)

    3. No worries whatsoever - It took me years to actually join Facebook, and that was just to see some pictures of a weekend we'd been on. Took another four or five years till I realised what could be done with it (groups and so on). Twitter is one I've never been near, I shall not twat!

      A few people have said it - Facebook's like a more enjoyable version of the forum. Talk about whatever you want, no "moderators" taking sides, block what and who you don't want to see, quicker responses... But it's not for everyone, I understand that much.

      I missed your Raven thing somehow! I'll go have a look for it now... I posted Gahan Wilson's illustrations for that particular poem right here back in 2012:

    4. I know - I left a comment on it at the time about Basil Rathbone's spectacular performance of the poem. I did like the illustrations 'though.

    5. Kid, I joined FB, purely for my geeky interests. My profile says "male" and that's it! I don't use it for social networking, even with the family. So it is useable that way.
      And our mutual mate here does post a fair bit of interesting stuff on his group page!

  2. Likewise here, Ryan, - I have downloaded it and will read as soon as time allows!

  3. That monster must of been one hell of a lover