Saturday, 30 January 2016

Serious Business

"Mini Comix"... Know anything about those? I didn't until a few years ago, when I got a close-to-900-page anthology of the things (this one). Small press stuff (which is always fun to investigate), on a TINY scale. Cheap, too (mostly). Got a couple of issues of one such article in the post a couple of weeks ago, No Funnies by Jason Walter (of Augusta, Georgia stock). He also emailed them to me as well, which is just as well - getting good scans of these wouldn't be any fun at all (how apt!):

The actual size of the thing is one sheet of A4, folded in half three times then stapled (so about 4.5" x 2.8")... I'm wittering about the size a lot here, it's all about what you do with it (or so I'm told) - plenty to behold within!

The contents are odd, intelligent and fast-moving - witness the career of the Pubescent Godlike Ninja Ducks:

The Hellish literary analysis of 2 Dawgs In Hades Discuss James Joyce:

The heroic adventures of The Amazing Cat Hand:

And the ongoing obsession with space whales:

No Funnies - they're fun, cheerful and cheap. Find Jason on Facebook and for $1.98 he'll send you two issues in an envelope (that's in American money, same price for anywhere in the world). It's this "anyone can do it" thing that I love and it makes me hate myself for not doing it too, instead of just reading and writing about them (although that's enough fun in itself as well). I've got a few Biro pens and a pack of paper and plenty of free time, why not?

Repeat procrastination until the End Times...


  1. Wish I could add something interesting or insightful about them, but I've never heard of them before. (Just wanted you to know that I do actually check out your blog.)

    1. I know you do, Kid - no worries there. I'd recommend that 900-page book to you, but it's probably (definitely!) not your sort of thing.