Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sweet Dreams and Monsters

"A Beginner's Guide to Dreams and Nightmares and Things That Go Bump under the Bed" says the cover. An informative, educational and reassuring book about how and why we dream, but that's not the reason I was given this book many, many years ago - it was because it was filled with great monster pictures! Nicely written by Peter Mayle, and VERY nicely illustrated by Arthur Robins back in 1987. I won't be posting all of the text here, just the pictures. Of which there are many.

"Everybody dreams... even cats and dogs." 

"Was it being a tightrope walker in the circus?" 

"Did you meet the giant cockroach or the talking car or the Man in the Moon?"

"There was a caterpillar in your sandwich at lunchtime."

"There are so many dreams going on that to describe them all would take a book as big as your bed."

"When you fall asleep and dream, it's always you in the chair, and the dentist seems to be doing his best to climb right inside your mouth."

"When the Haunted Hamburger comes after you, dripping with relish and a hundred times bigger than any hamburger you've ever seen, you run and you run and you still can't get away from him. And then he starts to fire jet-propelled chips at you!"

"Maybe you really ARE the only person in the history of the world who can fly."

"Daydreams are short holidays from real life. Enjoy them while they last."

The last page of the book is titled Monsters: Keep Out! A Bedroom Checklist and it's a step-by-step run-through of all the places to check if any monsters are hiding before going to sleep. It's advisable to get a grown-up to help, because they know all the hiding places in the bedroom.

Good, eh? The dentist and hamburger pages were always my favourites - I may even've drawn that hamburger several times.

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