Sunday, 1 February 2015

Not Quite Dead

Been a while (sort of), since the last "proper" update (definitely), so here I am in a how-do-you-do sort of way. This blog IS still amongst my favourite pastimes, but the current "bit" that I'm working on is taking a LOT longer than I anticipated. Plus, real-world events (don't worry, they're good ones) means I'm getting less time for it too. So just to keep things happy around here, allow me to present some examples of another hobby of mine, if you will?

I work in a newsagents, so I can browse every newspaper every day without giving any money to certain Australian dictators, doddery old billionaire Nazis or American psychopaths. I like to "document" front page headlines that amuse me as well, using my trusty low-resolution camera phone. Presented here is a "best of" for the period of latter 2014 up until today...

This one's fun - I cut it out and sent it to the Fortean Times but they didn't seem interested.

These ones DID make it into the FT, probably because it was on the front page of the Star for nearly a full month.

Nice double-treat here of scary things and evil mastermind sort of thing.

"Scary clowns" was briefly a thing as well - love the matter-of-fact way these stories are printed.

Even the ho-hum world of reality television had the shits put up it by spooky things.

It's cruel, but I can't read that headline without laughing, loudly.

Similar. The "context" for this story had a fat sod trying to climb through his ex's bathroom window, failing, and then hiding under a trampoline until the police turned up.

Nice bit of subtle product placement there, courtesy of the Sunday Post.

And as of today, the clowns are back!

It's the little things that keep us going blah blah blah.

Next article HOPEFULLY up before February escapes out the window.