Monday, 27 July 2015

One piece short of Legoland

Greetings... anyone?

Two years ago (two!), I scanned in/posted the issue of the Beano from the week I was born - refresh yourselves if you like. This year, as in, last weekend, it was one of those "milestone" birthdays that's really just a number, but it's a bloody scary sounding number nonetheless. And I realise most of the folk who read/comment on this particular corner of the Internet have already gone through that particular year, but... Ah, no point will be made here. Here's the Viz that was on the shelves on the day I was born (from their bi-monthly days)...

Read the rest if you like? Then there's some "words" at the end of it all. The Viz bit's just there to "reel you in", a bit.