Saturday, 10 September 2016

A small, noteworthy note

In the past few minutes I've tentatively started a Facebook "page" for TwoHeadedThingies (this website), with the idea being hopefully to fill the silence between posts here, maybe get some sort of dialog going, and being one step closer to becoming the worldwide media empire that TwoHeadedThingies was always destined to be.

So, go on that Facebook thing and search for "Twoheadedthingies" if you "like" that sort of thing.

See how it goes and all that.

We have calamari and macaroni

Credit where credit's due and all that... For a publishing house whose main output was of the top shelf variety, Galaxy Publications put a LOT of effort into their comic-based endeavours, which would maybe explain why it's taken me so long to cover all of their various "things" - Almost two years so far (!!!). There was the "Trying-to-be-OZ-in-the-Eighties" Brain Damage, the "Initially-ripping-off-Viz-but-then-turning-into-something-halfway-decent" Gas, the "We've-got-some-bits-left-over-from-the-other-comics-so-let's-put-them-in-a-new-comic" Elephant Parts... And then there was this one:

A bit more like what would be expected, right? From the people that brought you Fiesta, here's Fiesta Comic Strip. Emphasis on STRIP because it's got nipples in it and stuff, get it? Needless to say but I'll say it anyway, this one has a big fat NSFW warning on it.