Thursday, 13 September 2012

Amstrad's GX4000

I've never owned Alan Sugar's entry into the home console market, and I've only played on one of them once. For anyone who doesn't know what I'm on about, look on YouTube or something, there's loads there. I'm just here to post interesting scans. And in this case, two widely contrasting scans.

First, here's an advert for the machine from a 1990 issue of the Dandy, drawn by DC Comics "romance" artist Frank Langford:

And here, from the March 1992 issue of Game Zone, is this:

Seems that something went wrong, somewhere. From what I've played (Burnin' Rubber, which was alright), and from what I've seen (Navy Seals looks great, as does Pang), it doesn't look all that bad. Maybe AT THE TIME it was, but seemingly not in retrospect. Worth looking into, it seems.


  1. I like three things here:

    1. The idea of Alan Sugar reviewing and approving the top advert.

    2. The fact that a mains adaptor is apparently a selling point.

    3. The music in the videos you posted.

  2. Yeah like the f***er will work without a mains adaptor lol. Its failure probably came down to the usual story: lack of games

  3. The worrying thing... It mentions the mains adaptor but not the TV lead!