Sunday, 9 September 2012

Two Strange Comics About Giraffes

So... Giraffes it is then. Strange looking things. Tallest living thing on the planet, you know? Stating the bloody obvious there. The Romans thought that they were camel/leopard hybrids, the ancient Chinese thought they were some sort of unicorn (or Qilin, if you're willin'). Here's some that we saw on a recent visit to Chester Zoo:

Big buggers, aren't they? There's a height chart there, just in case you've never heard of a giraffe being tall before. They look funny when they're having sex, and mildly horrifying when they're fighting.

They also make for bizarre comic subjects, as we'll see now in two wildly different but equally nutty things.

The first one's from good old Tom Paterson in the good old Dandy with his Laughing Planet series. Regard!

Lighter-than-air giraffes, eh? Better watch out for those jellyfish! Ha. Ha.

Next is an example of fourth-wall-breaking done to perfection, as the French comic-person known as Gotlib talks us through the problems presented when trying to represent the giraffe in a comic.

See? Strange creatures inspire strange things.


  1. Giraffes are my favourite animals with joined first with penguins!!

  2. If I find any entertaining penguin-based comics, I'll stick'm up for you.