Friday, 14 September 2012

Go and buy some food, why don'tcha??

Some semi-interesting food-based adverts from various comics of the late-Eighties and early-Nineties...

Start your day with wheat!

Turtle or slime flavoured, it's up to you.

Then have some snacks:

Those Curly Wurly bits are by Martin Chatterton, in case you're wondering.

Here's a drink.

And it's potato shapes for tea... Again.

And for your pudding... Rubble!

Hah, just joking. It's only a yogurt. 

"Just think, you could have a dinosaur for tea!"


  1. Ha! Eat Rubble ..would have been a completely different add if it had Betty on the container instead of Barney.

  2. The opening sentence of the Flintstones advert is exuberant; but that which follows is so comparatively resigned that you can almost hear the sighs before and after.