Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Steve Bell's Cheeky Puzzles

Everyone knows about the satirical penguin-fancier Steve Bell, don't they? Well, before he started drawing John Major as a pathetic version of Superman and David Cameron as a walking, talking condom, he did stuff for the kids. As well as a funny thing about gremlins in Jackpot, he did some puzzle pages for Cheeky. These are the two I've found so far - there may or may not be more of these (I haven't read every single issue of Cheeky ever). Also they're both mazes, but VERY WELL DRAWN mazes. Observe.

I know I haven't mentioned this yet, but if it isn't immediately obvious, ALL the pictures on this blog can be clicked on to be made bigger. And then clicked again to be made even bigger. Magic, eh? As if your own eyes have a "zoom" function!

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