Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Max Overload! - Part 2

Here we go again, with the next comic from Dark Horse's short-lived games magazine, Max Overload! - today, it's a nice little comic about ToeJam & Earl, written by Anne Caulfield (travel writer and Lenny Henry script writer), and drawn by Woodrow Phoenix (who also did Ecco the Dolphin for Sonic The Comic and The Sumo Family for The Independent On Sunday). Let's get the funk out, or something...

Good, eh? Almost every character in that strip appeared in the Mega Drive game (save for the journalists and the footballing child). They even stuck the Carrot Man in there!

Two more of these to go, both of them goodies. Be excited, won't you?


  1. What cool find. Never heard of this short lived mag until I stumbled across auctions for this issue while looking for Toejam and earl stuff, which led me here. Would it be ok if i shared this and the Greendog comic at my blog Sega Memories? I would credit and link to your articles of these of course :)

    1. Be my guest, mate! I've been a follower of your blog for some time now (and you STC Tumblr as well). If you hold on a few hours, I'll do a better scan of the magazine cover for you (I'm used to scanning things properly now).