Monday, 13 August 2012

Monday Morning

Well, I was considering making "Sunday Night Cartoons" a tradition or something around here, but got distracted by Eric Idle and the Who last night, so it didn't happen. Instead, here's some Monday morning cartoons - the kind you don't usually see unless you're having a day off and everyone else has gone out.

James the Cat (Kate Canning, 1984)

The Shoe People (FilmFair, 1987)

Will Cwac Cwac (Siriol Animation, Ltd., 1984)

Mr. Men (Mister Films Ltd., 1974)

Charlie Chalk (Woodland Animations, 1987)

Yep, it's another "lazy" post. But there's bound to be a bit of entertainment for someone amongst this lot - if I'm honest I'm still a bit too worried about jellyfish to do a post of any substance this morning. At least the Mr. Men theme tune'll be stuck in my head all day.

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