Monday, 27 August 2012

Les Barton's AUTOTEACH

From the 1979 Topper annual, one of the funniest comic strips ever made about a robot teacher and its class of murderous pupils. Enjoy!

For me, the funniest parts are the headmaster's reaction at Autoteach's entrance, and when Autoteach rises from the edge of the cliff with a mighty "That's what YOU think!".

Haven't read many Topper or Beezer comics, so the annuals (of which there's a plentiful amount!) always bring up nice (or hilarious) surprises such as Autoteach here. More to come in the future, obviously.


  1. Heck, I remember that! Oddly enough there was an IPC character in Cheeky called 'Tub', so it's quite a surprise to see a near-clone in a DC Thomson title.

  2. Oh yeah, he's in the Mystery Comic bit in the middle! Suppose DC Thomson had already used Fatty (twice), Fatty Fudge, Hungry Horace and Big Fat Joe - there's only so many names you can give to an overweight character.

    Morbid Morace, perhaps?

  3. Viz had quite a few of them...
    Tubby Johnson - he's fat and he doesn't give a f*ck!
    Tubby Round
    Billy Bloater ("It's me glands!")
    Tubby Tucker the big fat...person
    Mr 'eating' Charlesworth

  4. Not to mention:

    Fat Sod - He loves grub!