Friday, 13 July 2012

Upcoming attractions...

It's mostly made up as I go along, but there's some semi-interesting things on the way, really!

-Scans of various otherwise forgotten comics
-Scans of interesting books
-Scans! Lots of scans!
-An excrutiatingly tedious countdown of my 250 most favourite games ever
-Another countdown of the 100 best toys ever (should be more fun than the one Channel 4 did a couple of years ago)
-More scans
-Stuff about films, maybe?
-Things about axolotl (and figuring out the plural term for "axolotl")
-And stuff about things that used to be on telly but aren't anymore
-Lists relating to the natural world around us
-Drawings what I've done
-Shockingly offensive ideas and opinions, maybe
-Mostly good spelling and punctuation
-All the usual stuff you'd expect from a Mickey Mouse operation like this one

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