Thursday, 12 July 2012

Just filling a bit of space...

Looking at all these things over the years has told me that if in doubt or otherwise pushed for time, just post a load of cartoons from YouTube.

In particular, five great Daffy Duck cartoons.

Book Revue (1946), by Bob Clampett. Watch our for his crazy scatting (if you haven't seen it already).

Scrap Happy Daffy (1943), by Frank Tashlin. Wartime propaganda at its finest, with a Nazi goat and a whole mess of Messerschmitts.

The Daffy Doc (1938), Robert Clampett. In which Porky is tortured, again.

Daffy Duck Hunt (1949), by Robert McKimson. Porky's a bit more aggressive here, threatening his poor dog with an axe - Daffy uses this and runs with it, obviously.

The Impatient Patient (1942), by Norm McCabe. In which Daffy visits Dr. Jekyll with a view to getting a cure for his hiccups.

Sorry about that, something a bit more "thorough" will follow this - just I wanted to get a bit more on the page before "settling down" - makes sense, a bit, right?


  1. Surely Duck Amuck as well?

  2. Definitely! This was just the first five that came to mind - Daffy's done far too many good films to choose just five of them... Which is why they're always good space-fillers.