Thursday, 12 July 2012

Let's go - quick!

Well, it's taken a couple of years of doing nothing and a fair bit of research (ie: asking a couple of questions on one forum), but here we go. It was viewing this nice little animated piece this evening that finally made me pull my thumb out:

That's a short and somewhat depressing (but ultimately inspiring) monologue from Bruce Woodside, an animator who's worked on Ghostbusters, Space Jam, Lord of the Rings (the Bakshi version), Animalympics, the New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and so on. It's a bit of a demo reel too (bonus!), but it DOES remind you that at any moment in time, you can and will die a horrible, horrible death. And time goes really quickly, all of the time.

So, whilst a blog's just a blog, and there's millions of them out there, they all mean something to the people that are "doing" them, even if they only have a couple of readers (or none at all). So with that, here's my own space to go on and on about stuff. And if I should suddenly be crushed by a poorly-erected set of shelves, or have my head squashed between two train buffers, at least I'll've FINALLY gotten around to "doing a blog".

Bit of a melodramatic opening there, and for that I apologise - the rest of it'll be fun enough, hopefully. Maybe.

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