Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Beano-versions get strange

With the death of the Dandy just one week away, I thought I'd do a nice big tribute to the thing. See it off on a positive note, that sort of thing. The problem is, all the scanning and image-editing's taking forever, and I'm stuck with a silly ice cream comic at the top of my page.

So, just to keep things flowing, I thought I'd see if I could find any more "alternative takes" on the Beano, except beyond printed media - on the Internet instead (this is still contextual, a bit, what with the Dandy "going digital" and all that). That searching took me to DeviantArt, home of the stuff most folk'd prefer to avoid seeing (96% of the stuff on there's Sonic the Hedgehog having sex with muscular wolves). And what happens if you type "The Beano" into DeviantArt's searchbox?

You get a Photoshop thing of Steven Gerrard's wife, with green skin, taking the place of Rowan Atkinson in a Mr. Bean adventure:

Intrigued? Carry on.

It's almost like a Viz story by David Jones (if Mr. Jones swapped his artistic skills for a Pritt-Stick and sixty packets of Chewits). A person named "kaaman2345" is responsible for this, and he's done bloody loads of them too - each one ending with Alex tied up. Is he a comic genius, is he up the tree, is he perverted, or is he all three? Or none of the above? Had me laughing, anyway.

Dandy-based stuff will be here soon, hopefully.

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  1. No, PLEASE don't waste any more space on this stuff. That actually caused physical pain.