Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Adventures of Miss Sapbody

Over on the Facebook group (have you joined yet? No worries if not, it's your call), BP Johnson asked about a page from an annual he used to have, which featured a "chaotic, anarchic school room scene with lots of naughty kids freaking out". Peter Gray (of Peter Gray's Comics - which now also has a Facebook thing) quickly identified it as a page from the 1987 Dandy book... And because I'm nice, here are the pages in question, and all the other related bits too. It's called The Puddlewick Playgroup, and it's unlike anything else in the Dandy at the time...

(Click them to make them bigger, obviously)

Drawn by Henry Davies, looking like something halfway between Steve Bell and Tom Paterson... the 1987 annual's full of it! Carry on below to see the rest, if you're up for it.

Going by what I've read on the Comics UK forum, Henry doesn't seem so popular, but you know how it is around here... Anything "different" is welcomed, right?

Here's a wee bonus thing too - from the same annual, another big splash page, this one from David Mostyn - one of the four greatest cartoonists in UK comics history (says me):

(The patient amongst you will possibly be pleased to know that I am currently scanning a load of stuff for the next "big" article... Just so you know)


  1. Have to say, I do like Mostyn's Spooky Sports the best of all the scans on this page!

    1. Agreed - I believe Mostyn is incapable of producing an unamusing piece of work :)

  2. The David Mostyn pages are excellent. The others aren't brilliant, but are still far better than many of the pages in The Dandy in its dying days. Glad to see that you haven't abandoned the blog completely.

    1. The blog's far from abandoned (although outward appearances may suggest otherwise) - been scanning stuff for it all week, motivation and general "drive" has been very low for a number of months now - I'm always thinking about this place, but getting the arse into gear's proving to be difficult. With the FB page, it's mostly posting stuff that's already been here, and it's keeping the discourse going which leads to (hopefully) me doing more stuff here... If that makes sense?

      Yeah, those pages aren't the best, but they're definitely different - which is of course what I like most about them :)