Saturday, 10 September 2016

A small, noteworthy note

In the past few minutes I've tentatively started a Facebook "page" for TwoHeadedThingies (this website), with the idea being hopefully to fill the silence between posts here, maybe get some sort of dialog going, and being one step closer to becoming the worldwide media empire that TwoHeadedThingies was always destined to be.

So, go on that Facebook thing and search for "Twoheadedthingies" if you "like" that sort of thing.

See how it goes and all that.


  1. Won't Facebook merely devour more of your time and mean less chance of you updating the blog? I'd prefer to see you here than there, THB.

    1. Yeah, I understand what you're saying. The thought process that lead me to it was thinking about how long each article takes to prepare: reading and research, scanning, cropping, resizing, drafting and finally writing - with all the other stuff going on in my life it's a BIG timesink, but I love doing it so much and always feel bad for neglecting the place.

      At least this way I can select odd bits as I go along, just keeping up the discourse and all that. More fun for all involved. And the "doing odd bits" over there will hopefully/probably give more drive to get things done at this end. Already got the next lot piled up on top of the scanner, ready for a re-reading...

  2. Gonna join in a sec, Ryan, but I'll come up on FB as Derek Pitt ( my middle name! ) - you'll recognise the avatar!

  3. Applied, awaiting confermation.
    30 members already! Good going!

  4. I'm up for that. A few of my mates will be interested too.