Wednesday, 7 January 2015

For Charlie Hebdo

...and for cartoonists, satirists, anti-censorship campaigners and advocates of free speech everywhere.

The film which enraged the Muslim world
"And my arse? Do you love my arse?"

A film about Islam triggers the rage of fundamentalists
"Show us an intelligent film and declare the Third World War!"

The Arab world is revolted by images of a film about Mohammed
"No, it's the Eight O'Clock News."

Mohammed sets back youth unemployment
(Film critics)

Mohammed: A star is born!

Stop messing about, Mohammed!
"I am Jewish!"

Salafi bullshit: All pretexts are good!
"Even insulting representations of our prophet!"

Riots in Arab countries after the publication of photos of Madame Mohammed

Charb, CabuHonoré, Tignous and Georges Wolinski... RIP to them all. The French attitude towards humour, satire and saying whatever the fuck they want ought to be admired, celebrated and REPLICATED, and you can bet that today's cowardly events won't be changing that any time soon.


  1. If you get some odd looks from those who can't say the letter 'v' the next time you go into your local corner shop, you'll know why. Chortle! Brave man!

  2. Sad they're dead and everything, but Jeebus, is that what passes for "satire" in France? As far as racist and utterly fucking brainless goes, I doubt even Smut would publish any of those.

    I can see a certain value in pissing off Islamic fascists for the sake of it, but they could've at least tried make it clever, or funny, or something. And there's no need to insult the millions of Muslims who are decent people. Try doing the same shit with Jesus in the USA and see what the Land of Free Speech would do to you.