Thursday, 11 December 2014

Cover Gallery! The last bit of Brain Damage, it's okay

SIX posts just on one title? It was hard to pick and choose with Brain Damage, it really was. And this final part of it (which marks the end of the FIRST part of the extended "look" at Galaxy Publications, remember) was a bit longer arriving, due to something happening... More on that another day. For now, here's all of the Brain Damage covers, mostly done by Russ Tudor, occasionally "also with" Bill Greenhead (aka. StiK) and the mysterious "Lucian".  

After the jump, obviously...

Most of the people I've spoken to, when Brain Damage/The Damage is mentioned, remember it mostly for its covers. It's not hard to see why.

Thanks to Mark for the scans of the issues I'm missing, and for alerting me to the existence of the Spring Annual...


  1. A mixture of the utterly beautiful and ugly, often simultaneously. Fascinating to see as ever.

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL gallery!
    THANKS so much!

  3. It's in my top ten favourite comics of all time. I still remember my newsagent saying he wasn't sure he should be selling it to me (I was 15/16), which made me appreciate it even more.

    1. Hmm, yeah, I'd probably put it in my top ten also (there's a thought for a project/list to obsess over)...

      Out of interest - what's in the rest of your top ten?