Monday, 1 December 2014

Brain Damage, Part 5 - Who is Lucian?

And now, the second-to-last part of the first part of the eight-part "series" about Galaxy Publications... Keeping up? This one's all about someone called Lucian. No idea on the "true" identity, or if anything else exists by him (her?). For Brain Damage though, Lucian did a LOT. Often with the equally enigmatic "Botsf'd", whoever THAT is. At the same time as being frustratingly unknown (to me anyway), Lucian's also bloody brilliant, the closest comparisons I can think of would be Gahan Wilson and Edika. I couldn't single out any particular contribution - so here's the whole lot of them, beginning with the Lucian-drawn cover for the seventh issue:

Loads more below...

From Volume 1, Number 3:

Thanks to Mark for this one, scanned from an issue I'm missing

Volume 1, Number 4:

Volume 1, Number 5:

Volume 1, Number 13:

The Great Big 1990 Annual:

Volume 2, Number 3:

The Spring Annual:

Thanks to Mark for this one as well!

Volume 2, Number 4:

Volume 2, Number 5:

Volume 2, Number 6:

Volume 2, Number 7:

Volume 2, Number 8:

Volume 2, Number 9:

Volume 2, Number 11:

Volume 2, Number 12:

The Xmas Damage:

Volume 3, Number 2:

Volume 3, Number 3:

Volume 3, Number 4:


  1. Desperate to leave a witty, insightful and relevant comment, but I just can't think of one. Maybe I've got Brain Damage? (Best I can do at short notice.)

  2. THANKS for all these pages, Ryan and also pass my thanks on to Mark for sharing his scans from the missing issues.