Thursday, 17 January 2013

Simon Donald looking spotty

Here's something else from that Cartoon Aid thing - the contribution of Simon Donald, aka. Mr. Viz. It's fairly amusing!

And here's the lucky lad who got to meet Mr. Donald - wonder if he had any idea of the sort of malarky Simon was usually drawing?

That's him there, in the middle, clearly terrified of the camera. Not the handsome fellow we know him as these days:


  1. Simon Donald's The Parkie strips were always worth the price of a copy of Viz on their own. "Ya rotten copper bastards! They give ya a blue suit and ya think ya own the world!"

    1. "The sun! The BASTARD sun! All the bastards come out in the BASTARD sun!"

  2. I remember seeing his brother (I think) and pal make complete tits of themselves on the James Whale Radio Show (on TV) years ago. It almost came to blows. When they tried to make ammends by presenting him with a piece of original art as he walked to another part of the studio, he said "Don't want it!" and passed right by them with disdain.

  3. Kind of a surprise to see Sid the Sexist mentioned so casually on a child orientated feature like that.