Saturday, 12 January 2013

Joining In with Terry Bave

Everyone else has already mentioned this, but hey - let's join in! Terry Bave's now blogging (or plugging - hopefully it'll go beyond the one post talking about his new book).

To "celebrate", here's a couple of interesting Bave-bits. The first of which is his contribution to Cartoon Aid - a charity event in 1988, run by CITV, that asked kids to design a cartoon character and be rewarded with a trip to Disneyland. Not only that, but their character would then be "brought to life" by a professional cartoonist, and all of those characters would then be put into a nice big hardback book. The profits of this book all went to the Wad Sherifay Refugee Camp in Sudan.

Of the 36,000 entries received, there was one overall winner, and fifteen regional winners (who were all rewarded with a trip to Frankfurt). And who were those "professional cartoonists" that were on board? Well, amongst other people there was Bryan Hitch (of Marvel fame), Patrick Gallagher (Oink!), Mike Collins (Marvel and DC), Simon Donald (Viz) and Davy Francis (Oink!, again). Oh, and Terry Bave, of course. Here's what him and Shiela did for it:

And here's a mini-profile on the guy, with a photo as well! All the winners of the campaign got to meet these fine comic-folk, and most of them had their pictures taken with them as well.

Now, why couldn't that competition have been running when I was in school? Bah, etc.

More from that book in the future, but for now we're all about Terry, so here's a Winker Watson he did for the Dandy in 2001, in which Watson and Creep meet their maker, so to speak:

Good, eh?

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  1. Unfortunately, the book got its facts wrong - Terry and Shiela (that's the way Terry's wife's name is spelt apparently, 'though with other women the name is usually rendered 'Sheila') didn't create Sammy Shrink - they took him over from the original artist Dave Jenner.