Friday, 22 January 2016

Belated Bowie 'Bituary

Well if that's not a terrific way to start the new year, I don't know what is, bah... It's been a LONG time since the death of a musician has affected the world in such a way, so it only seems right that Mr. Jones be remembered in these quarters too - and with thanks going to Mr. Ben Baker for the suggestion, we return once more to Zig and Zag's Zogazine, from the second issue dated November 1994 (the scratch 'n' sniff issue) - this highly referential and gag-filled number from Kev Sutherland and John Moore...

Count the references!

For more Bowie-based comic-stuff, have a look at Mr. Baker's write-up on the whole Bowie/Viz connection here and here.


  1. I know people who are devastated by his death, but they were fans. Despite the media coverage, I think it's probably an exaggeration to say that Bowie's demise has affected 'the world', although it will certainly have affected his fans of a certain age throughout the world. Thing is, they're in a minority compared to the world's population, but that said, it's still a shame. I still think he murdered that duet with Bing 'though.

    1. "The World"'s definitely an overstatement, yeah... But at least in my lifetime, I've never seen such extended mourning for a musician - a lot of the radio stations I listen to are STILL playing near-enough wall-to-wall Bowie.