Wednesday, 27 August 2014

More Petrie Classics!

Didn't have time to scan this lot this morning, what with having a job and so on, but they're here now - some more favourites from the pen of the dearly departed Jim Petrie... Beginning with an episode of the Sparky People, from the 1980 (or 1979, that's how annuals work) Sparky book:

A Minnie classic now, from the 1990 Beano book (the first Beano annual I ever got) - this one even got animated for the Beano Video back in 1993 (which I assumed would be on YouTube in full, but isn't, shockingly enough).

And lastly, a couple of oddities from the 1993 Topper annual - the early 1990s (and especially the later part of that decade) were VERY interesting with regards to the Beezer and the Topper - in that the artists were free to do pretty much whatever they wanted, which is how we ended up with Jim giving us this colourful character:

And this absurdity of nature - must've read this one over a hundred times when I was a youngster:

So once more, here's a toast of sorts to someone who's utterly irreplaceable in the comics world. 


  1. Nice tribute...will sort mine out sometime...

    1. Looking forward to it, Pete - always liked your "artist profile" posts.

  2. The Beezer and Topper (1990 - 93) was an amazing period of creativity, a truly unique comic with some truly absurd and surprisingly adult material featured in that. Bob Dewar featured heavily. I think some of the insanity beld through from the late -period Beezer (88-90ish) which featured some very bizzare and Pythonesque material. (John Geerings version of the Bad Lads in particular, is one of the hands down funniest comic creations I have ever seen in any medium)... I've long thought this Indian summer of unbridled D C Thmson creativity deserve more recogniton, and it would be amazing to know the story behind it (hint, hint)

    1. Agreed, I try and pick up Beezer & Topper (combined) comics whenever I see them, and the later period annuals too (the last Beezer annual was in 2000!). Have to admit I've never seen any of the 88-90-ish Beezers, but have a fair few Toppers from the same period - and you can SORT OF see the insanity beginning.

      But yeah, the Beezer & Topper - loads of Bob Dewar, John Geering and Dave Mostyn, plus Barrie Appleby at his sadistic best - Des Troy's a proper mini terrorist, causing train crashes and shoving people into car crushers all in the name of comedy!

      I'd like to know the story behind it myself, but in the meantime that whole "era" will certainly be getting a lot of attention here, including a particularly gory one-off piece by Bob "Billy Whizz" Parkins...