Wednesday, 11 June 2014

But why are the kids crying?

Utterly devastating, that's what it is. This year, we've already lost uncle Ramis, grandad Hoskins, auntie Townsend (and her family of Moles), and now our best mate, Rik. Speaking honestly, I can't think of a single performance of his that wasn't good. I'm crap at eulogies, but this really is one of those deaths that seems to be uniting everyone, and it's horrible, it really is.

Have some YouTube links while they're still active:

Rik's appearance in the Comic Relief Comic:

And then maybe this thing should be "number one" at the weekend or something?

In other news, dozens of other "comedians" are still alive and have several panel shows/advert voice-overs lined up over the next few months.


  1. "Foxy stoat seeks pig!"
    RIP Rik.

  2. Still got your Birthday Book for Boys 1972? What kind of condition's it in? I'll buy it from you if you've still got it and it's good nick.

  3. May sound macabre but imagine how the medics and police felt... being called to the scene of a death and there's Rik Mayall lying there. Makes me glad I'm not employed by the emergency services.

    1. I was thinking that same thing - their only instructions were to go to a house in London where a 56-year-old male has died. Must've been horrible being amongst the first people to know.