Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hey, more Beano parodies!

Yep, it's more parodies of the Beano! Like any parody, it should be taken as an "honour" of sorts - as in, the target is so familiar that it's easy to make fun of, whilst still retaining what makes it recognisable. I've featured Beano parodies before on this thing, and they just keep turning up the more I look for them.

This lot are definitely NOT child- or work-friendly, so be aware...
First up, and just to get them out of the way, are two strips from Pulp, a mostly-terrible comic aiming to cash in on the success of Viz.

Oh, my sides! and so on. Sniffy "getting it wrong" gave me a chuckle, mind. I don't know who drew those, and I don't particularly care either.

Next up is another thing from an "adult comic" - this time from Elephant Parts (which is definitely a lot more readable than many of the others, mostly due to the involvement of Kev Sutherland and Phil Baber). It's a "political" take on the Bash Street Kids, by Mike Cook.

And finally, from the very same issue of Elephant Parts (Volume 3, Number 5 for those that care) is this take on the Numskulls. Still classed as Beezer characters at the time of publication, but they made their way to the Beano by 1993, so this sort of counts.

I can guarantee more of these'll be found before the year's out (oh what fun we'll have!).


  1. "Come here, curly, it's soapy tit-wank time" is going to stay with me for quite some time. Thanks for that... I think.

    Also, you have the best banner I've ever seen for any website ever. Kudos.

  2. Why thank you very much, StickHead!

    Appreciate that, I really do :)

  3. "Look lads, here comes some old cunt". That would be funny if I was about nine.

    1. Yep, of all the Viz-style "alternative" comics I've seen, Pulp's definitely one of the worst in terms of "Getting it completely wrong". No cleverness or satire or anything here, just bad drawings with rude words.

    2. If I recall correctly, Pulp's sister publication was Ziggy, which got itself bad-mouthed in the News of the World (as if they've any fucking room to take the moral high ground) for making jokes about Anne Diamond's cot death. I think I bought a couple of issues of each in my 'comics mad' days.

    3. Yeah, I've got a few issues of Ziggy - mostly depressing reading.

      Sample "Joke":

      "Wouldn't it be great if Bob Geldof's kids died of starvation?"