Friday, 21 December 2012

More festivities from Shiver and Shake

As the title suggests, here's a few more bits of December-themed bobs from Shiver and Shake. 

Beginning with... Horrornation Street, from the 1977 annual, by Tom Williams:

Also from 1977... Sweeny Toddler! By another Tom - Tom Paterson, of course:

From the days when Mr. Paterson was mostly "ghosting" for Leo Baxendale. It's as if it's from the same pen - if he wanted to, he could easily do a fourth Willy The Kid book!

And speaking of ghosting Mr. Baxendale... Here's Grimly Feendish from the 1985 annual, done by Leo's son, Martin:

(Thanks to Irmantas of Kazoop!! for that information)

Oh, and would you look at the time? Guess the world's not ending after all. Four more sleeps till Christmas!


  1. That Grimly Feendish is by Baxendale. Martin Baxendale that is :)

    1. Aha! That explains that one then - cheers!

  2. I did like Martin's stuff! His style just looked funny, adding to the humour of the page!